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Why the New Year Offers the Perfect Time to Reevaluate Your Insurance

Along with celebrations and festivities, the arrival of the new year presents a unique time for reflection and insight into the past, and planning for the future. And that doesn’t just go for goals like completing that marathon you intend to run or the starting that small business. The new year is also an ideal time to reevaluate your insurance needs and make certain that you’re on track for the coming year.

At The Novick Agency, we’re not just the family-owned provider of insurance services in Pennsylvania. We’re also your trusted resource for information and other crucial knowledge for getting the most out of your insurance plans. Let’s take a look at what areas of your insurance plans you should be examining, and why:

Is Your Road Coverage Reliable?

Take a close look at your auto policy to see if your coverage limits are enough. Many drivers are underinsured, and do not realize this fact until it’s too late and an accident has already occurred. Also, inspect your coverage to make sure you fully understand your policies. The different coverages on cards can be confusing, so don’t hit the highway without knowing you have both the correct coverage and coverage amount.

Is Your Homeowner’s Insurance Up-To-Date?

If you’ve done any renovations to your home, like finishing your basement or refinishing your kitchen, it could affect how much your home is worth. If so, it’s a good idea to check with one of our agents to see if you should increase your coverages. Plus, if you’ve added a hot tub, pool, or trampoline, you’ll probably need to invest in additional liability insurance.

Have You Invested in Life Insurance?

If so, then it’s recommended to consider anything that has changed since you first purchased life insurance. For instance, if you’ve gotten married, had a child, or even recently became an empty nester, these changes can have significant effects on your current coverage and should be reevaluated by a professional.

If you haven’t invested in life insurance, it’s never too early or late. Not only is this a critical component of sound investment planning, but it can protect you in more ways than you think. Since the cost of life insurance largely depends on your health condition and age, the younger you get it, the less expensive it will be.

As the trusted insurance providers serving Pennsylvania, The Novick Agency can offer you the guidance and knowledge to make informed decisions regarding your insurance policies and the changes that can affect them. We are dedicated to giving our clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they and their loved ones are protected.

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Andrea V.

So far it has been great. We have had help with damage done to our home which was handled pretty quickly. And, Soon our daughter will be driving so we will see how her Insurance rates will be. We have heard from other customers in NY that have sons and were quoted less on their coverage. But,we will look closer into it as time gets near.

Kevin J.

Very pleased with the way my claim was handled!! Quick, friendly and no hassles.

Lisa D.

Everyone that I spoke with in the office was always very helpful and pleasant.I would recommend your agency to anyone who needs insurance. Thank you also for saving me so much money on our car and home insurance.

Hassan S.

I appreciate the help that Mr. Adam gave to me when he took me step by step through the journey of the insurance. I always remember his fruitful discussion and the valuable information he gave to me, which helped me choose. Now After almost 6 months, I found myself feeling the value of his customer service.

Margaret L.

Love dealing with this agency, great people, incredible service, and very knowledgeable!!