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Why Summer May Be the Best Time to Reevaluate Your Life Insurance, and Other Seasonal Insurance Tips

Summer’s just about underway, and while you’re planning your dream getaway, road trip, fishing or boating excursion, or just some quality beach time at the shore, there’s another thing you should be carefully considering — your insurance coverage. So before you hit the road, you should be giving some thought to your insurance needs and understanding how the season can require some adjustments to your coverage.

At The Novick Agency, we don’t just provide trusted life and affordable auto insurance for PA residents. We also offer resources, like relevant news and information for you to properly plan for your distinct insurance needs. Let’s take a look at why summer can be the best time to evaluate your coverage and possibly even make some changes.

Life Insurance

While evaluating your life insurance might not be on the top of your list when planning your next vacation, it is something that you should be taking into consideration. In fact, it could be because of your vacation that you take some extra time to review your life insurance coverage. Regardless if you’re a thrill-seeker or a laid back beach bum, many accidents and other calamities occur during the summertime. By taking a look at your life insurance policy and making adjustments, you can get peace of mind that your family’s financial future is secure.

Homeowners Insurance

If you’re thinking about getting a pool on your property this summer, remember that you’ll need to have the correct amount and type of insurance. Even if you have homeowners insurance, it might not provide enough coverage for a swimming pool. In fact, some policies could even exclude them. If you have a pool, you should talk to one of our experts and consider boosting your liability protection or getting an umbrella policy.

Other Policies

If you own a boat, you’re going to need insurance. While homeowners or renters insurance might provide some coverage, you’ll need a separate marine policy if you have a larger or faster boat, or if you own a personal watercraft like a Jet Ski or Waverunner. Additionally, your insurance premiums will depend on your boating record, certifications, type of boats, and more. With the right insurance, it can help to defray the cost if the boat is damaged or someone is injured.

It’s clear that while summertime is the perfect season for planning the perfect vacation, it’s also ideal for reevaluating your insurance needs. For more information or to inquire about our affordable online auto insurance for PA residents, call us today at 267-447-8582.

Andrea V.

So far it has been great. We have had help with damage done to our home which was handled pretty quickly. And, Soon our daughter will be driving so we will see how her Insurance rates will be. We have heard from other customers in NY that have sons and were quoted less on their coverage. But,we will look closer into it as time gets near.

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