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The Top Home Insurance Mistakes to Avoid This Winter

If recent history has been any indicator, then this winter will likely be yet another one filled with major Nor’easters, delivering our fair share of snow, ice, and treacherous conditions to the area. And while these storms may add to the picturesque scenery this season, they can also pose issues regarding damage to your home. Because of this, it’s essential to understand precisely what your homeowner’s insurance policy covers, and what it does not.

At The Novick Agency, we’re the family-oriented insurance agency serving Pennsylvania, and understand that being proactive before the next major storm hits can help you prepare for the winter. By reviewing your homeowner’s policy, you can be better protected and avoid the most common insurance mistakes this season.

Let’s take a look at what you need to know:

1st Mistake: Assuming You’re Covered for Flood Damage

Typically, this type of coverage is not part of a standard homeowner’s contract. If your home is situated near a body of water, like a lake, floodplain, or river, you’ll almost certainly need this type of insurance. However, it’s not just homes near bodies of water that can benefit from flood insurance. Even homes inland can sustain significant damage due to flooding from groundwater due to melted snow and ice, severe storms, or hurricanes.

The good news? Flood insurance is not hard to get. In fact, it’s a federal program that accepts anyone who wants this crucial coverage, and we can assist you if you think your home is at risk for flooding.

2nd Mistake: Only Getting Enough Insurance to Cover the Mortgage

One of the biggest mistakes a homeowner can make is not having enough insurance to cover the cost of rebuilding a house if it is destroyed. In fact, many homeowners do not realize that their homes are actually underinsured.

If you only insure your home equal to its current value, it could be far less than the cost of rebuilding your house, including labor and supplies, which can be especially costly after a major storm. If your insurance coverage doesn’t cover rebuilding costs, then you should consider increasing your protection.

3rd Mistake: Thinking You’re Covered for a Sewage Backup

It’s not only damage from ice, wind, snow, and flooding that can cause damage to your home this winter. A backed-up sewer is the last thing you want in the middle of a cold and harsh winter. By getting coverage for a sump pump failure, you can avoid this issue.

The Novick Agency is dedicated to our clients, and helping them prevent insurance pitfalls during the winter season. By reviewing their policy with a trusted insurance agency, homeowners can avoid these common mistakes and enjoy peace of mind this winter.

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Andrea V.

So far it has been great. We have had help with damage done to our home which was handled pretty quickly. And, Soon our daughter will be driving so we will see how her Insurance rates will be. We have heard from other customers in NY that have sons and were quoted less on their coverage. But,we will look closer into it as time gets near.

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