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Retirement Planning

Whether it’s buying a new home, bringing a child into the world, or helping them plan for college, many different events and decisions will require you to start saving money throughout your life. Putting a heavy emphasis on saving money is nothing new. Remember: One of the most significant events in life that you should be planning for is retirement.

All of us will reach a point where our bodies simply won’t want to work anymore. Luckily, with the right retirement plan in place, individuals are able to retire well before their body starts to slowly shut down. Regardless of whether you’re planning to retire 15 years from now or you plan on working until you’re 80 years old, it is important to have the best strategy possible.

That’s where we come in. At The Novick Agency, we have helped individuals and couples plan for their retirement. Whether you are currently investing in an annuity, 401(k) plan, college plan, pension, or any other kind of retirement package, we can help sit down and create a plan that best fits your financial situation. Please contact us to learn more about our affordable retirement plans.


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Andrea V.

So far it has been great. We have had help with damage done to our home which was handled pretty quickly. And, Soon our daughter will be driving so we will see how her Insurance rates will be. We have heard from other customers in NY that have sons and were quoted less on their coverage. But,we will look closer into it as time gets near.

Kevin J.

Very pleased with the way my claim was handled!! Quick, friendly and no hassles.

Lisa D.

Everyone that I spoke with in the office was always very helpful and pleasant.I would recommend your agency to anyone who needs insurance. Thank you also for saving me so much money on our car and home insurance.

Hassan S.

I appreciate the help that Mr. Adam gave to me when he took me step by step through the journey of the insurance. I always remember his fruitful discussion and the valuable information he gave to me, which helped me choose. Now After almost 6 months, I found myself feeling the value of his customer service.

Margaret L.

Love dealing with this agency, great people, incredible service, and very knowledgeable!!