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Affordable Life Insurance for PA Residents

As we grow older, we often find ourselves responsible for the wellbeing of those around us. Many of us come to have spouses who rely on us, children who depend on us, and older relatives who increasingly need our care.

However, life happens, and as time goes on it becomes ever more critical to make sure that you are prepared for anything. In the possible event of your death, you want to know that your family and loved ones will be properly taken care of after you’re gone. The knowledgeable and experienced associates at The Novick Agency can assist you with customizing your life insurance online with low-cost, high-value, affordable policies to give you and your family the security they need.

The Novick Agency is a family owned and operated insurance agency that can help PA residents select the policies that are right for them. In addition to providing homeowner’s insurance and auto insurance, our options for life insurance online include:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Whole Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance
  • Variable Life Insurance
  • Equity Indexed Life Insurance
  • Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance
  • Simplified Issue Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance

Life Insurance For Your Family Needs

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Life insurance is not only for older, more financially established families. Even younger people who are unmarried are strongly encouraged to take out life insurance policies, for although they may not have much in the way of savings or assets, they frequently carry college debt. Such debts often fall on the parents in the event of a death in the family, creating undue financial burdens that a life insurance policy could easily relieve.

Life insurance policies are for people of all ages and life stages. Because of the often confusing variety of different life insurance policies available, our team here at The Novick Agency can help understand your options, enabling you to make the choice that suits you best. By working with our family owned and operated agency, you can find inexpensive and affordable life insurance online with a knowledgeable and reputable insurance company, allowing you to both save money and save yourself some worry.

In addition to the above-mentioned scenario of a young adult with inheritable college debt, other situations where life insurance is essential include:

  • Married couples that rely on one another for financial support.
  • Parents with either minor or adult children.
  • Those who are concerned about funeral costs.
  • Those with any inheritable debt.
  • Individuals who work in particularly dangerous or high-risk fields.
  • The elderly or those with advanced illness.


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Andrea V.

So far it has been great. We have had help with damage done to our home which was handled pretty quickly. And, Soon our daughter will be driving so we will see how her Insurance rates will be. We have heard from other customers in NY that have sons and were quoted less on their coverage. But,we will look closer into it as time gets near.

Kevin J.

Very pleased with the way my claim was handled!! Quick, friendly and no hassles.

Lisa D.

Everyone that I spoke with in the office was always very helpful and pleasant.I would recommend your agency to anyone who needs insurance. Thank you also for saving me so much money on our car and home insurance.

Hassan S.

I appreciate the help that Mr. Adam gave to me when he took me step by step through the journey of the insurance. I always remember his fruitful discussion and the valuable information he gave to me, which helped me choose. Now After almost 6 months, I found myself feeling the value of his customer service.

Margaret L.

Love dealing with this agency, great people, incredible service, and very knowledgeable!!