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PA Pool Fence Safety Guidelines

This season, there’s a good chance your summertime will be filled with days spent by the pool. From family barbeques to children’s birthday parties, home pool is a frequent hangout spot for people of all ages. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, which is why pool fences are implemented in the state of Pennsylvania. Ensure a safe summer and take the time to learn the PA pool fence requirements with The Novick Agency. We don’t just proudly offer homeowner’s insurance, but affordable life insurance is available for PA residents as well. 

How Insurance is Affected by a Pool

Pools are considered an “attractive nuisance” by insurance companies. They increase your liability risk, so it is crucial to contact The Novick Agency if you are planning on getting a pool or if you have one already.

Overall State Requirements

In the state of Pennsylvania, any body of water deeper than 24 inches is considered a pool and needs to meet certain safety requirements. The fence must surround all sides of the pool, being at least 4 feet high. Pennsylvania has particular rules regarding fence ownership and permits depending on your county, so be sure to research the specific regulations for your area or ask one of our homeowners insurance experts for more information.

For in-ground pools, there must be a fence gate that is self-closing and has a latch. The house can be used as the fourth side of the fence, but if there is no gate between the house and pool, all doors leading to the pool must have an audible warning device. Self closing gates must be lockable as well. 

For above ground pools, the sides of the pool can act as the fence, but only if it is 2 feet tall. A locking or removable ladder must be in the pool and has to be removed or locked when no one is in the pool. If the yard with an above ground pools does not have a fence, there must be a built-in fence around the top.

Pool Safety Tips

  • Never swim alone
  • Ask guests if they know how to swim
  • Don’t leave kids unattended
  • Keep kids away from pool filters
  • Let guests know how deep your pool is
  • Limit alcohol use around pool
  • If you have a diving board, let guests know the rules

Summer is meant to be a fun time, filled with sunny days by the pool and laughs with family and friends. Ensure those great days of fun by revamping or installing a fence by your pool today. If you would like to learn more information about any of the various insurances offered at The Novick Agency, such as homeowners insurance or affordable car insurance available for PA residents online, feel free to contact us today.

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